Portfolio: Training


St. John Ambulance National Training Program


In 2005, we were hired by the St. John Ambulance National Training Program to produce a set of 37 first aid scenarios intended for training first responders. Then, in 2010/2011, we were hired to film an additional 14 scenarios, as well as to update many scenarios to form 51 programs in English as well as in French.


St. John Ambulance provides training internationally in first aid for the general public, first responders and the workplace. It was interesting working with a thoroughbred jumper in Chilliwack, and we got some great footage. The program has proved very effective and the client is thrilled.


St. John Ambulance programs are highly respected internationally for their up-to-date First Aid content and effectiveness, with a large portion of their training based from video instruction. The video programs are an integral part of the entire French/English training package - so much so that they have been translated into Creole to train first responders is Haiti. Our client was extremely impressed by our organization considering the magnitude and detail involved in this project.


Dramatic Scenarios / Training


Various - from 2 to 12 minutes