Corporate Profile


As You Like It Media Inc. is based in Vancouver, BC, a magnificent city nestled in the wilderness of Canada’s rugged West Coast. We draw upon this mixture of urban cosmopolitan energy and awe inspiring Pacific coastline to give a unique energy and style to our productions.

Scott Alpen and Sheila Allan are principle partners and work with a great team of talented and creative people. If you have a message to deliver, a vision to share, a lesson to teach, a product to launch or an image to build, we are a vital asset your business needs for today’s media.

With over two decades of production excellence we have experience in producing everything from multi-camera festivals to full-spectrum marketing graphics and video media for major corporate campaigns, documentaries, training, broadcast and the web. If you need a connection – we can make it.

We have International working agreements with partners in London, Tokyo, Dubai, Ottawa and Brazil and are always able to help with national and international production needs. Check us out, give us a call, let’s connect.