Scott Alpen directs National Training programs for RCMP in Chilliwack

Scott just completed directing two weeks of shooting for eight training scenarios for the RCMP to be used across Canada.  Using professional actors and RCMP officers, they shot both English and French versions of the scenarios which covered such diverse topics as car theft, apprehension of convenience store robbers, child protection and bar fights. They shot both day and night scenarios, utilizing various locations around Chilliwack and Cultus lake.  Chilliwack is an excellent place to shoot as its locale can pass for any urban or rural area of Canada. The crew and actors were excellent, our technical crew were from the RCMP training and media division based at Chilliwack.  Our actors were all from the Vancouver area.  All of our actors and officers were fluently bilingual which helped considerably with the dual roles demanded of them. The footage was shot on a Sony XDCam camera as well as some unique driving shots done with the GoPro Hero.  We also utilized a dolly extensively for added impact.

Scott has an extensive experience Directing for the RCMP on a variety of training media for E division and nationally. To view a short video about the shoot produced by the Chilliwack Film Commission please click here.

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