Schneider Electric contacts AYLI for corporate shoot

Recently we got a call from Schneider Electric in Rhode Island, N.E., to film their Victoria manufacturing plant. At the client’s request, we shot interviews and b-roll at the plant; using our Canon 7D and set of prime lenses to match their international corporate look and branding. Schneider is an international company with their main offices in Paris, France.  Here is what our client said about her experience:

“I’m a video producer based in the United States and was traveling to the Vancouver area for a shoot.  After searching for a local crew, I stumbled upon As You Like It Media and decided to take my chances with a crew I’d never used before.  Shelia and Scott, the owners of the company, were very responsive and helpful in the pre-production phase and it made me even more excited to meet them in person.  The shoot went very smoothly and the team was flexible and eager to dive into the work.  They were considerate of my needs and worked to make sure I was 100% happy with everything we were doing.  I felt as though the whole process was a great collaboration and the footage we captured is a great example this. Overall, I had a great experience working with Sheila and Scott and I’m very happy I took a chance on As You Like It Media.  I hope to get the opportunity to work with them again in the future!”

Melissa Aitchison
Video Producer, Global Marketing, Schneider Electric – US
To view the finished video click here. (It takes a minute to load) AYLI shot all the interviews and interior plant scenes.

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